Agora Productions


In ancient Athens, the “Agora” was the open marketplace where the concept of democracy was first conceived. The ancient philosopher Socrates is said to have spent much of his time at the Agora, where he discussed the most pressing issues of the day with anyone willing to listen.

“It isn’t that, knowing the answer myself, I perplex other people. The truth is rather that I infect them also with the perplexity I feel myself.” – Socrates

Socrates believed that an essential prerequisite for healthy dialogue was a willingness among all parties to challenge their most passionately held assumptions. By examining moral questions through dialogue, he sought to nurture confidence in people while pursuing the truth.

In a similar vein, Agora Productions aims to stimulate dialogue in the “gathering places” of the twenty-first century. We do this by combining an innovative vision, a focused narrative technique and a powerful resource base in order to create theater, film and television programs about the most relevant subjects of our time – penetrating works which are straightforward, but which have the power to unite people from different walks of life and different points of view, with an eye to increasing mutual understanding.